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Sampatti app

Project Description

Sampatti visualizes your financial habits enabling you to stay with your goals, be organized, and take responsibility of your money. We’ll help you see your finances in the big picture. Your data is automatically categorized, displayed in simple infographics and graphs that help you on your way to your dream savings and proper financial health.

Sampatti helps you manage your money smartly. The app can be used completely offline once registered.

Key Features

– Account – One place to know where your money is (cash in hand, bank and other financial institutions, and digital wallets)
– Budget – Plan your monthly expenses with the option of copying the budget of one month to another
– Income and expense transactions – Daily record of your income and expenses in pre-defined and customized categories
– Asset record – Record of the asset you have, its market value, purchase/sale date, location, photo, and more
– Loan record – Feature to manage your lending and borrowing, loan transaction, and more
– Saving goals – Set the saving goals and add the saving amount to it regularly
– Events – Manage budget and expense for any life events or activities like birthday, travel, marriage, etc
– Customizable Categories – Create customize categories as per your need
– Analytics – Track your financial habits through infographic charts and graphs
– Learn – Get regular updates of financial news, financial literacy contents, and more
– EMI Calculator – Calculate the EMI amount
– Dual language – Browse the app in both Nepali and English language

Sampatti app digital marketing design


Helps you manage your money smartly. The app can be used completely offline once registered.


Brand, UX Strategy


UI/UX Design, Art Direction


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